RubySlippers, the smartest blogging engine in all of Oz!
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RubySlippers, the smartest blogging engine in all of Oz!


RubySlippers is a git powered blog engine that aims to be simply to modify and more importantly, simple and quick and free to get a blog going. I am currently using it to run several blogs in production, you can see one in action here:


To set up a new blog

$ git clone git:// myblog
$ cd myblog
$ gem install bundler
$ bundle
$ rake install
$ -> Blog name: My new blog
$ Installing your blog to my-new-blog
$ Blog installed!

To create an article

$ rake new
$ -> Title: My new blog post!
$ Creating and opening my-new-blog-post (opens in your text editor!)
$ rake publish (commits, pushes, publishes then opens in your browser!)


On Heroku

RubySlippers comes with a basic rackup file. To start it up locally do:

$ git remote add origin git@heroku:you-app-name
$ git commit -m "my new awesome commit"
$ git push

On your own server

Once you have created the remote git repo, and pushed your changes to it, you can run RubySlippers with any Rack compliant web server, such as thin, mongrel or unicorn.

I use shotgun:

$ shotgun

With thin, you would do something like:

$ thin start -R

With unicorn, you can just do:

$ unicorn


You can configure ruby-slippers, by modifying the file. For example, if you want to set the blog author to 'John Galt', you could add set :author, 'John Galt' inside the block. Here are the defaults, to get you started:

set :author,      ENV['USER']                               # blog author
set :title,       Dir.pwd.split('/').last                   # site title
set :url,         ''                      # site root URL
set :prefix,      ''                                        # common path prefix for all pages
set :root,        "index"                                   # page to load on /
set :date,        lambda {|now| now.strftime("%d/%m/%Y") }  # date format for articles
set :markdown,    :smart                                    # use markdown + smart-mode
set :disqus,      false                                     # disqus id, or false
set :summary,     :max => 150, :delim => /~\n/              # length of article summary and delimiter
set :ext,         'txt'                                     # file extension for articles
set :cache,       28800                                     # cache site for 8 hours

set :to_html   do |path, page, ctx|                         # returns an html, from a path & context"#{path}/#{page}.html.erb")).result(ctx)

set :error     do |code|                                    # The HTML for your error page
  "<font style='font-size:300%'>A large house has landed on you. You cannot continue because you are dead. <a href='/'>try again</a> (#{code})</font>"


RubySlippers is based on Toto and aims to achieve their goals as well as our own. Hosting a ruby based free blog shouldn't be hard. We want to take that a step further and say it should be easy. Easy as pie. Easy as my best friend's Mom. Easy as a 1 click installer.

Oh yeah, MRI, bytecode whatever. If it is Ruby, it should run.

How it works

  • Article management is done with a text editor and git
    • stored as .txt files, with embeded metadata (in yaml format).
    • processed through a markdown converter (rdiscount) by default.
    • can have tags
    • can have images
    • can be browsed by date, or tags
    • comments are handled by disqus
  • built for easy use with ERB.
  • built right on top of Rack.
  • built to take advantage of HTTP caching.
  • built with heroku in mind.

RubySlippers comes with a basic default theme for you to mangle. I hope to release more themes shortly and will accept your submitted themes.


  • To heroku for making this easy as pie.
  • To the developers of Toto, for making such an awesome minimal blog engine in Ruby.

Copyright (c) 2011 dreamr. See LICENSE for details.