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A from the ground up DIY GPS unit for hiking.
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This is a ground up DIY GPS unit that I use for hiking.

I got very annoyed with my current GPS and when I went looking for a new one, I got even more irritated that none of them allowed me to play with data or maps in a way that useful to me. It was useful to them because I had to keep paying them for more and newer services. So, I decided to just build my own and be done with them all.

In some ways, this git repository is a story of how I designed and built my GPS unit. It came in fits and starts because there where a lot of distractions along the way. However, I am hoping to have it finished and fully functional before the 2012 hiking season gets into full swing.

The main directory contains the basic structure of the project
   Chipset/      is the directory containing all the datasheets for the parts used
   Manual/       is the directory containing the architecture/design and user manual
   SciPyScripts/ is the directory containing the source code for the front end

The datasheets are ripped from the web and kept locally so that I do not need to fetch them every time. However, a conscientious user of this repository should make sure that they are up to date before relying on them.

The manual is written using lyx. One can either use lyx to read it (not recommended) or export it to your favorite format like PDF. I should probably do that and make it available, but then there is always a synchronization problem that I do not want to have to deal with.

The front end source is python.
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