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pubsub_filtered connects to a remote pubsub server and filters out or hashes entries before re-publishing as a pubsub stream

if you have a message like '{desc:"ip added", ip:""}' to encrypt the ip you would start pubsub_filtered with '-e ip'


  --address=<str>        address to listen on
  --blacklist-fields=<str> comma separated list of fields to remove
  --daemon               daemonize process
  --enable-logging       request logging
  --encrypted-fields=<str> comma separated list of fields to encrypt
  --expected-key=<str>   key to expect in messages before echoing to clients
  --expected-value=<str> value to expect in --expected-key field in messages before echoing to clients
  --group=<str>          run as this group
  --help                 list usage
  --port=<int>           port to listen on
                         default: 8080
  --pubsub-url=<str>     url of pubsub to read from
  --root=<str>           chdir and run from this directory
  --user=<str>           run as this user

API endpoints:

  • /sub?filter_subject=x&filter_pattern=^a long lived connection which will stream back new messages; one per line. filter_subject (optional): the filter key, exact match filter_pattern (optional): the filter pattern, pcre

  • /stats response: Active connections, Total connections, Messages received, Messages sent, Kicked clients, upstream reconnect.

  • /clients response: list of remote clients, their connect time, and their current outbound buffer size.

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