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# This code was forked from the LiveJournal project owned and operated
# by Live Journal, Inc. The code has been modified and expanded by
# Dreamwidth Studios, LLC. These files were originally licensed under
# the terms of the license supplied by Live Journal, Inc, which can
# currently be found at:
# In accordance with the original license, this code and all its
# modifications are provided under the GNU General Public License.
# A copy of that license can be found in the LICENSE file included as
# part of this distribution.
# Disable directory listing by creating in it empty index.bml file.
DIRSLIST="inc preview rte temp"
for d in $DIRSLIST; do
if [ -d $p ]; then
subs=`find $p -type d`
for s in $subs; do
[ -f $s/index.* ] || touch "$s/index.html"
echo "$0: Directory '$p' does not exist."
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