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The unlicensed portion of Dreamwidth's code.
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Merge pull request #99 from momijizukamori/Bug1391/IconWhitespace

Removes whitespace below icons for dw-nonfree layouts
latest commit 38dcaca991
@afuna afuna authored


This repository contains the non-free overlays for Dreamwidth
Studios' installation of the Dreamwidth source code. None of the
code in this repository is licensed for use: it consists of our
branding and of material we cannot license for re-use by others.

The Dreamwidth open source code repository is located at:

The code contained in dw-free is sufficient to run an installation
of the Dreamwidth code. If you run into any problems running an
install with only dw-free code, it's a bug and we want to hear 
about it. :)
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