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Repository for AuShadha Electronic Medical Records

Why AuShadha2.0

AuShadha is the second version , a complete rewrite of AuShadha1.0 EMR at The ground up rewrite was necessitated by changes in versions of Django which are backward compatibility breaking and also the move to Python3.x.

AuShadha2.0 will support Django>1.10 and Python3.x. It was thought that it is better to create a separate Repo for AuShadha2.0 rather than a branch at the original repository.

Dojo 1.1x will be used as the JS library.

Dojo 2.x is a complete rewrite and is not planned now for integration into AuShadha2.0


Please follow the installation instructions for AuShadha1.0 at For Database setup and settings change with Django1.10 (this differs from AuShadha1.0) follow the in the current project directory.