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This is a fork of Etherpad (as of 1.6.0 or 1.6.1) with various customizations that we Beeminder people like.

  • simpler URLs
  • fewer formatting options
  • monospace font
  • custom buttons

Plugins we use

  1. adminpads so that gives an admin interface
  2. author_hover to see who typed what (names shown as hovertext)
  3. brightcolorpicker to show a 5x5 grid of sane color choices
  4. hide_referrer to not leak pad urls when you click links in pads
  5. pad_activity_notification_in_title to handily indicate changes
  6. post_data to import pads programmatically (not using anymore)
  7. prompt_for_name to encourage authors to identify themselves
  8. sync_status to show when all changes are saved

Label Ontology

Links from the EtherpadLite project we forked this from

Installation (Unix)

Etherpad works with node v0.10+ (except 6.0 and 6.1).

You'll need gzip, git, curl, libssl develop libraries, python and gcc. And node.js.

  • For Debian/Ubuntu: apt-get install gzip git curl python libssl-dev pkg-config build-essential
  • For Fedora/CentOS: yum install gzip git curl python openssl-devel && yum groupinstall "Development Tools"
  • For FreeBSD: portinstall node, npm, git (optional)

As any user (we recommend creating a separate user called etherpad):

  1. Move to a folder where you want to install Etherpad. Clone the git repository git clone git://
  2. Change into the new directory containing the cloned source code cd etherpad-lite

Now run bin/ and open in your browser.

Update to the latest version with git pull origin. The next start with bin/ will update the dependencies.

Tweaking settings

You can initially modify the settings in settings.json. (If you need to handle multiple settings files, you can pass the path to a settings file to bin/ using the -s|--settings option. This allows you to run multiple Etherpad instances from the same installation.) Once you have access to your /admin section then settings can be modified through the web browser.

Notes from Sergii

TODO: notes about how we set up the DigitalOcean droplet that this is hosted on.

TODO: expost setup, including different favicon


## Hide-Referer plugin adjustments:

To make it work the way we want, you need to do the following:
- edit /node_modules/ep_hide_referrer/index.js and replace:'/redirect', function(req, res) {
  with:'/redirect/', function(req, res) {

- edit /node_modules/ep_hide_referrer/templates/redirect.html and replace row 25:
        the_content.innerHTML = '

Referer protection – Click to visit this external link:


'; with: window.location.href = urlhash;