Tock Tracker (a tock is like a pomodoro but longer)
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Tock Tracker!

A tock is like a pomodoro but 45 minutes instead of 25.

Rules for beeminding tocks

The idea is that you want to pick things that take as long as possible without going over 45 minutes.

  1. Tag it :done when you finish
  2. Tag it :smac iff you get TagTime-pinged off task; that counts as -2 tocks!
  3. It counts as a fractional tock if you finish early, eg, 30min = 2/3 of a tock
  4. It counts as half a tock if you exceed 45min, whether or not you tag it done
  5. Tag it :void for a legit interruption or forgetting to stop the timer

Original contest rules with Danny and Bethany and David Yang

  • each hour that >1 of us does a tock we each put $2 in the pot
  • if you don't finish in 45 minutes you forfeit your ante and get nothing
  • of those remaining, whoever takes longest to finish gets the pot (future idea: split the pot proportionally to how long each person took)
  • if no one finished in 45 minutes, the pot rolls over for next time
  • you have to mark the tock as :smac if you get tagtime-pinged while off task

(original contest was closed and paid on 2007.06.27)

Installation Instructions

  1. Copy to and mutatis mutandis
  2. Create a symlink, eg: ln -s prj/tocks/ ~/.tocksrc
  3. Put something like this in your crontab:
    00 * * * * $HOME/prj/tocks/
    59 8 * * * rm -f $HOME/prj/tocks/.tocklock

If you want to start tocks manually, you may need to edit out the line that starts something like $ENV{DISPLAY} = ":0.0";
(Don't know what that crap is about; only an issue for bsoule.)