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Gistopin (acronym from is a small python script for GitHub and users, which automatically adds bookmarks for new Gist entries to account. This allows to search easily through created gists using your favorite bookmarking service and keep a backup copy outside GitHub (if your pinboard arching is enabled).


Gistopin requires the following modules:

  • feedparserpip install feedparser or easy_install feedparser
  • configparserpip install configparser or easy_install configparser
  • Python-Pinboardpip install -e git://


Import process parameters should be specified in configuration file (see Configuration section below). By default script will use [gistopin] section of gistopin.ini located in the same directory as But the configuration file and section names could be specified manually through the command line options: -c [config-name] -s [section]

Both parameters are optional and could be omitted. As usual -h or --help will display command line help.

Gistopin could be added to crontab for regular execution. The following example schedules it to run once each day in the midnight:

crontab 00 12 * * * user python /path/to/ -c /path/to/gistopin.ini


To avoid over-complicated command line syntax, script parameters intended to be kept in configuration file with an ordinary RFC-822 compliant syntax. As it was mentioned already default section name is gistopin but a single configuration file could multiple sections for different pinboard or GitHub accounts.

Here is an example:

pinboard_user = dreikanter
pinboard_pwd = file://$secretplace/pinboard.txt
github_user = dreikanter
shared = no
tags = snippets, gistopin_check
use_hashtags = yes

Parameters explanation:

  • pinboard_user — user name.
  • pinboard_pwd — password. Yes, this might look a bit insecure, but HTTP Basic is the only supported way to authorize on pinboard in the meantime. For better security the password could be stored in a separate text file outside script configuration. In this case path should be specified in the following way: file://secret/place/pwd.txt (environment variables could be used in both %windows% or $unix styles).
  • github_user — Gist/GitHub user name.
  • sharedyes to share new bookmarks or no to keep them private. Pinboard configuration overrides this parameter if new bookmarks intended to be private.
  • tags — comma-separated list of common tags for new bookmarks. Also these tags will be used to check if the gists were imported already. Example: snippets, gists.
  • use_hashtagsyes to extract hash tags from Gist description and use them on pinboard.


Q: Why the import is so slow?
A: Pinboard API has a limitation for 3 second intervals between requests. And each bookmark import is a separate request.