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My implementation of HackerBoxes 0013: Autosport.

The car is capable of three modes:

  • Remote-control mode, where the Blynk mobile app is used to control the direction that the car moves (forward, left, right, reverse)
  • Line-following mode, where the car's IR sensors detect a black line to control its path
    • Note: The car performs best with gradual (as opposed to sharp) curves
  • Autonomous mode, where the car uses an ultrasonic range sensor to detect and avoid objects
    • Note: when the car detects an object, it will randomly turn left or right in order to attempt to avoid an object

Take a look at the video to see it in action.

Directory structure

  • HackerBoxCar: Contains the full implementation of the car
  • NodeMCUBlink: Blinks the onboard LED to check that the NodeMCU module is working
  • NodeMCUIR: Tests a single IR sensor by either printing its digital or analog value
  • NodeMCUPing: Tests the operation of the range finder by printing the distance to any object in cm in the serial monitor

Blynk app

Blynk is a mobile app used for rapid IoT prototyping. To interface with the HackerBoxCar sketch, configure the Blynk app as shown in the screenshots below.