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Dremio Container Tools
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Nirmalyasen DX-16610: Remove the strategy from templates
DX-16619: Fix the syntax in values.yaml

Statefulsets attribute is updateStrategy and the default for that
is RollingUpdate. So, deleting those lines would be sufficient
and not loose any functionality.

Kubernetes client libraries to v1.14 seems to be more strict than
earlier version and throws an error with those lines in there.

Dropping the lines works with earlier versions of helm.

Change-Id: I727adc50a883a4801e737aec0be6b84788f6f357
Latest commit 0238c7a May 22, 2019

Dremio Cloud Tools

This repository contains tools and utilities to deploy Dremio to cloud environments:

These are currently experimental items and should be evaluated and extended based on individual needs.

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