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This is a collection of gentoo ebuilds. Some of these I have written, some are package bumps and most of the rest are taken from bugs.gentoo.org

One of the goals of this overlay is to provide up to date packages and the following packages will generally be kept current with the source releases within the week of the source release (time permitting):




media-tv/mythtv patched with vdpau, opengl and hdpvr patches





To bring this overlay into your system add


to the overlays section your layman.cfg and add the jmd-gentoo overlay after syncing.

layman -L

layman -a jmd-gentoo

Also you will need to you have dev-util/git and also app-portage/layman installed to use this overlay.

Note: Before you begin please learn layman and how to use it with gentoo overlays.

Gentoo Overlays Guide

Although I would like to, I do not have the time to teach users how to use layman. There are simply not enough hours in the day being that I spend 12 of them each day at the paying job..

Update: 2012/08/15
BTW – I see that some others are using this. Although I do use this on the 30 or so gentoo (real & virtual) boxes that I manage some parts of the overlay have gotten very stale. Sorry. I do not clean it out often..

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