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The deCONZ REST plugin provides a REST-API to access Zigbee 3.0 (Z30), Zigbee Home Automation (ZHA) and Zigbee Light Link (ZLL) lights, switches and sensors from Xiaomi Aqara, IKEA TRÅDFRI, Philips Hue, innr, Samsung and many more vendors.

A list of supported Zigbee devices can be found on the Supported Devices page.

To communicate with Zigbee devices the RaspBee / RaspBee II Zigbee shield for Raspberry Pi, or a ConBee / ConBee II / ConBee III USB dongle is required.

API Documentation

For community based support with deCONZ or Phoscon, please visit the deCONZ Discord server.

Phoscon App

The Phoscon App is a browser based web application and supports lights, sensors and switches. For more information and screenshots visit the Phoscon App Documentation.

Release Schedule

deCONZ beta releases are scheduled roughly once per week. After 1–3 betas a stable version is released and a new beta cycle begins.

Current Beta: v2.26.3-beta
Current Stable: v2.26.3

Next Beta: v2.27.0-beta Expected in April. Next Stable: v2.27.x Expected in April.


Supported platforms
  • Raspbian Jessie, Stretch, Buster, Bullseye and Bookworm
  • Ubuntu Xenial, Bionic, Focal Fossa and Jammy
  • Windows 7, 10, 11

Install deCONZ

You find the instructions for your platform and device on the Phoscon website:

Important: If you're updating from a previous version always make sure to create an backup in the Phoscon App and read the changelog first.

Compiling the plugin

The build instructions are described in

Precompiled deCONZ packages for manual installation

The deCONZ application packages are available for the following platforms and contain the main application and the pre-compiled REST-API plugin.

To manually install a Linux .deb package enter these commands:

sudo dpkg -i <package name>.deb
sudo apt-get install -f

Headless support for Linux

The deCONZ package contains a systemd script, which allows deCONZ to run without a X11 server.

  1. Enable the service at boot time
$ sudo systemctl enable deconz
  1. Disable deCONZ GUI autostart service

The dresden elektronik sd-card image and default installation method autostarts deCONZ GUI. The following commands disable the deCONZ GUI service:

$ sudo systemctl disable deconz-gui
$ sudo systemctl stop deconz-gui

Hardware requirements

  • Raspberry Pi 1, 2B, 3B, 3B+ or 4B
  • RaspBee Zigbee shield for Raspberry Pi
  • RaspBee II Zigbee shield for Raspberry Pi
  • ConBee USB dongle for Raspberry Pi and PC
  • ConBee II USB dongle for Raspberry Pi and PC
  • ConBee III USB dongle for Raspberry Pi and PC

3rd party libraries

The following libraries are used by the plugin:


The plugin is available as open source and licensed under the BSD (3-Clause) license.