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Basic implementation

    require_once "daemon.class.php";

    // client
    class ChatClient implements DaemonClient {
        private $socket;
        public function __construct(&$socket) {
            $this->socket = $socket;
        public function process($buffer) {
            $buffer = trim($buffer);
            printf("User sent: '%s'\n", $buffer);

            $this->send("you sent: '{$buffer}'\n");
        private function send($text) {
            fwrite($this->socket, $text . "\n");

    // server
    class ChatServer extends Daemon {
        public function onConnect(&$socket, $idx) {
            printf("Client connected!\n");

            $cli = new ChatClient($socket);
            return $cli;

    $bind = "";
    $server = new ChatServer();
    $server->listen($bind) or die("Could not start server on {$bind}!\n");

    printf("Listening for connections on %s.. (try telnet'ing, type something and hit ENTER)\n", $bind);
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