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Associations Fix global var
Drivers Zero is a valid value for an ID column, don't coerce it to NULL
TypeScript Now in TypeScript we can use find chain
Adapters.js Terminology change from Driver to Adapter
AggregateFunctions.js Fix Property.mapsTo.
ChainFind.js Fix Chain find & count with mapsTo keys.
ChainInstance.js JSLint Fixes
Debug.js Changes drivers `opts` to `config` and adds aditional opts
Error.js Throw error if model has no keys defined. #509
ErrorCodes.js Better errors - closes #455
Express.js Update express middleware for
Hook.js JSLint Fixes
Instance.js Add 'instance.saveAssociationsByDefault' option & bump sql-query
LazyLoad.js Fix Property.mapsTo for keys
Model.js When key field has mapsTo - we need to rename from database fields to…
ORM.js Fix 'query: { pool: false }' in connection object.
Promise.js Adds .success() and .fail() to ChainFind (#316)
Property.js Fix duplicate column issue with orm-timestamps
Settings.js Add 'instance.saveAssociationsByDefault' option & bump sql-query
Singleton.js Changes Singleton createCb and returnCb to expect err as first argument
Utilities.js select funtion for path absolute
Validators.js igNoReCaSe unique scope should work for hasOne property
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