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Syncing and dropping models

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Syncing is an utility method that creates all the necessary tables in the database for your models and associations to work. Tables are not replaced, they are only created if they don't exist.

There are 2 ways of syncing:

  1. Calling Model.sync(cb) will only synchronize the model
  2. Calling db.sync(cb) will synchronize all models

Dropping is a similar method but instead it drops all tables involved in your models, even if they were not created by ORM. There also 2 ways of dropping.

var orm = require("orm");

orm.connect("....", function (err, db) {
    var Person = db.define("person", {
        name : String
    var Pet = db.define("pet", {
        name : String

    db.drop(function () {
        // dropped all tables from defined models (Person and Pet)

        Person.sync(function () {
            // created tables for Person model
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