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Sublime Text 2

This is a repository with my user preferences and key bindings as well as my plugins.


Open Last Closed Files

Binding Ctrl+Shift+T to this plugin command ("open_last_closed_file"), the plugin will behave just like in Firefox, opening the last files. For now, it can open the last 50 closed files (variable at the top of the plugin). Later on, I'll put this on settings.

Toggle Quotes

Switch from " to ' using Ctrl+Shift+Q.

Increase / Decrease a Number

Put the cursor(s) hover a number in a file. Press Alt+Up or Alt+Down and see for yourself.


This is not a git integration, this plugin will just be a couple of tweaks to make my life easier. For instance, it displays the remote git repository on the status bar when you have a git file opened, it will show you a colored diff of the changes of your file from the last commit and will show you also a colored status of the current repository. To start press Ctrl+Super+G and choose from the list. You better know how to work with git!


Open 2 files, select the first tab and press Ctrl+Super+D. The module will add the file to the queue. Now select the second tab and press again Ctrl+Super+D. The module will pick the file on the queue and add this one, make a diff and opens a new tab with a .diff file (the queue is then cleared and you can start over again).