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An inventory of hypermedia linking concepts and concrete models.
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Hyperpedia describes a set of concepts that are interesting in the context of hypermedia models. The goal is to provide a starting set of concepts that hypermedia developers can look at, either when working with, or when developing new hypermedia models. It also is interesting to look at existing hypermedia models and to see if and how they represent these concepts. This makes it easier to compare and contrast existing hypermedia models in terms of their hypermedia features.

The ultimate goal (and one that's a moving target) is to provide a comprehensive and format-independent overview of Web-oriented hypermedia features (hence the name Hyperpedia), and to describe existing formats within the context of that framework.


As a starting point, the intention is to describe concepts, and models. To keep things simple, this is organized as follows:

  • A list of hypermedia concepts is managed in a single file (until it gets too big to make that look like a reasonable option).

  • A list of hypermedia models is managed in a directory and should contain individual files for each hypermedia model, relating the hypermedia features of the model to the concepts.

  • Preliminary lists of concepts for hypermedia and models that later on should be used to create a more structured version of Hyperpedia.


This is intended as a collaborative effort of the hypermedia and REST community, so please feel free to comment, contribute, and fork as you please.

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