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Deconstructing the Web

One of REST's constraints is that of a uniform interface. The main idea of the uniform interface is that it allows components to interact without prior knowledge of each other. Web Architecture is a great example of how a uniform interface creates a large and dynamic ecosystem of interacting components. On the other hand, Web technologies as they exist today also highlight the fact that the uniform interface from 20 years ago is not quite as uniform anymore: A growing number of specifications add to the Web's uniform interface, and often knowing which interface a component is using is necessary for successful interactions. This talks presents an overview of the various axes of the uniform interface, and introduces, a resource intended to provide an overview of the constantly evolving set of Web concepts that make up the Web's uniform interface. These concepts serve as the starting point for documenting RESTful services, which then can focus on documenting what they do beyond implementing the uniform interface.


These are sources that I make available for others to read/use/reuse; please respect the licensing.


The presentation version for this talk is available online at