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To handle post-receive hooks from github and pull a cloned repo
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Sinatra app that handles HTTP POSTs from GitHub's post-receive webhook.


  • Create the file config/projects.yml

  • Add a project to the projects file

    name: repo-sync-webhook
    branch: master
    cmd: rake
  • Use the rackup command to start the app on port 9292 bound to

  • Setup a post receive hook in the Github admin panel


Project definitions are specified in a projects.yml file.


The config file should contain a hash of projects. The key of the hash is used as the deploy path. Each project should define the following parameters:

  • name - Name of the repository
  • branch - Name of the branch to respond to
  • token - Token to be matched to incoming requests (optional)
  • cmd - Command to run when the post commit hook is received

Each defined project should be specific to a particular repository and branch. When the incoming request matches the defined repository, branch, and token the cmd will be executed.

  name: repo-sync-webhook
  branch: master
  token: secret
  cmd: rake

Deploy Path

The path defined for a project (e.g. path/to/deploy) stores the currently processed commit. Each post receive hook creates a new directory within the deploy path using the id of the received commit.

A symlink (current) is maintained which always points to the most recently processed commit.


Projects may specify a token parameter. Incoming requests will be expected to have a token query parameter with a value that matches the value defined in the config file.

If a token is defined for a project the post commit URL should be similar to http://hostname:9292/notify?token=project_token


When a post receive hook is received this app will do the following:

  • Read repository name, branch name, and commit id from payload
  • Look for matching projects in the config file
  • Clone the repo to a new directory and checkout the commit
  • Set the current working directory to this new directory
  • Run the project's defined cmd
    • On success - update current symlink and remove old version
    • On failure - log the failure and destroy the commit directory

To Do

  • Use mutex per project rather than Sinatra's global mutex
  • Package as a gem
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