A tool set, lesson plan and technology incubator for supporting off record source confidentiality and confidence with journalists.
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Welcome to the project page for poison.kitchen

the official domain for this project is over at poison.kitchen and I've more or less developed a manifesto or conecpet note, or what have you over on the blog, which details what this is all going to be about, and gives some colourful history for those wanting to settle in for the long read.

At the end of the day, this is going to be (hopefully) a tool set, a lesson plan and potentially and a technology incubator with the aim of supporting off-record, deep background and anonymouse sources develop confidentiality and confidence with investigative journalists. It will also be an actual interface where a contact can select the journalist they want to connect with and send their information securely.

This isn't just about leaking, but veryfying, putting investigation back into leaked documents and giving sources the confidence needed to work with the journalists who can best use their information. Stay tuned.