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Debugging Helpers

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Logger controls the printing of diagnostic information


The log level defaults to none which won't print out anything.


Change the log level to info to log out raw requests and responses with the option to specify a filter to only print out particular endpoints.

The optional filter lets you only log out certain Endpoints in format <Service>[.<RequestName>] e.g. MyService or MyService.Endpoint1 for just “Endpoint1” in “MyService”. Set the filter to nil to log out all endpoints.


The errors thrown and returned by Decree are designed to be user friendly while also exposing detailed diagnostic information.

User Friendly

  • A description for a single, baisc, and user friendly description of what when wrong
  • A title for a very short description of what went wrong (appropriate for error alert titles)
  • An alertMessage for a message to be displayed in an aerror alert

If an error is determined to be an internal error, the user friendly properties include a message to the user about contacting support: 'An internal error has occured. If it continues, please contact support with the description "<description>"'.


  • A code for progamatically analyzing the error that occured
  • A reason a medium length description of the reason for the error
  • A description a more detailed description of the reason for the error
  • A debugDescription for full description of the reason for the error