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Swift Serve

This framework is not currently ready for public consumption. It needs true documentation. I use it in several projects but I have not had the time to make the necessary changes for it to be accessible to other developers.

It is a framework for developing server side swift websites and services. My goal in developing it was to provide myself an abstraction that I can write all of my websites and web services against that allows me to switch between other frameworks easily (e.g. Zewo and Kitura) without rewriting the application level code. The advantage for me is that I wrote it exactly the way I want things to work. I am not sure I see the attraction for other developers as they can just use Zewo, Kitura, or whatever directly. As it matures and if I see a reason it would be attractive to other developers, I will certainly try to make it more accessible.

If anyone is seriously interested in using it I am happy to have a discussion and I could probably be convinced to add some documentation.


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