A collection of useful helpers, snippets, and techniques for Middleman.
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Middleman Library

A collection of useful helpers, snippets, and techniques for use in Middleman and Baseman.


A collection of helper methods for use inside of config.rb.

helpers do
  # Add your helpers here...

Alternatively, you can create helpers/custom_helpers.rb and add your helpers inside of a Ruby module, like so:

module CustomHelpers
  # Add your helpers here...

They will be automatically included as helpers in Middleman.

Active Page

The is_page_active method checks to see if the current page is active so that you can apply an active class to an element.

  = link_to 'Home', '/', class: ( 'is-active' if is_page_active('/') )
  = link_to 'About', '/about', class: ( 'is-active' if is_page_active('/about') )

Get Resources

You can use Middleman's Sitemap to get at the various files and assets within your application. Additionally, you can add Frontmatter to filter down to only the files you want. For example, only grab "pages".

First, set up the Frontmatter in the view files:

title: Page Title
type: page

Next, use the get_resources method to select the pages with the type attribute of page.

- get_resources.each do |page|
  %h1= page.data.title

Note: By default, the get_resources method grabs files with the type attribute of page.

Pretty Date

The pretty_date method formats a date string into a nicely formatted one.

%time= pretty_date('2014-12-18')

Which compiles to:

<time>December 12, 2014</time>


This is a common method used across a variety of programming languages, and it's used to take a string and turn it into a sluggable title that can, for instance, be used in a URL.

Let's say that we want to turn the page titles returned in the block above into slugs.

- get_resources.each do |page|
  %h1= slugify(page.data.title)

Page Title would then become page-title.