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How to get Message-ID back from SES? #34

marknadig opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Saw your comment over that it is possible to get the Message-ID that SES generated back, but is is not clear to me how.

Note: I tried setting my own Message-ID as others have reported that amazon ses just moves that to the "In-Reply-To" when it generates its own, but I'm not seeing that behavior. Basically, I'm trying to track replys back to the original email. Custom headers (X-...) are stripped by gmail.


I'll second this request. It looks like Action Mailer gives the message its own id rather than using Amazon's, so its message_id method does not reflect what is actually sent. Knowing the correct message_id is useful for tracking, so this would be nice.


Hi Steven, I completely agree it'd be very useful. I'd be more than happy to accept a patch/PR that implements it!

@cherez cherez referenced this issue

Fixed Message IDs #41


I think you can close this with #41 merged in.

Also, could we get a version bump for this?


Hey @drewblas could you release a new gem now that rubygems is back up.


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