Net::HTTPBadResponse: wrong status line: "220 ESMTP SimpleEmailService-909942753 aSK3of4ybdKqba6CpB7f" #60

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I got this error while executing below command. I tried a lot but can't figure it out.

ses = =>'MY20DIGITACCESSKEY',:secret_access_key =>'MYSECRETACCESSKEY',:server => '')


Error is:

Net::HTTPBadResponse: wrong status line: "220 ESMTP SimpleEmailService-909942753 Wfwzt4Zk5WWKpNsmFazj"

from /home/shreehari/.rbenv/versions/2.1.2/lib/ruby/2.1.0/net/http/response.rb:41:in `read_status_line'


+1. Anybody know what's going on here?


First you need to create IAM User on amazon.

then you can try

ses = =>'MY20DIGITACCESSKEY',:secret_access_key =>'MYSECRETACCESSKEY')

Let me know if this helped.


Happens to me the same, my credentials are right, I configured a postfix server with the same credentials, any other suggestions?


Sorry for my English

yyamano commented Jun 19, 2015

@pratikkalathiya @danishleo @cristiancvanega Could you try with API endpoint instead of SMTP endpoint? I had the same error with the SMTP endpoint.

See for the endpoint in your region.


+1 for this issue. Anyone else got this working ?

Ehekatl commented Dec 11, 2015

I see the answer from #38, it's duplicated
It's because this library communicate with http endpoint, not the SMPT server
Just simply change the endpoint from to

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