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#Image Slider Constructor ###Reusable Javascript Image Slider - Code Snippet

##How it works: Add an image tag in your html with any class name

<div class="container">
	<img src="" class="slider-images">

Store a list of images as an array

var imageArray = new Array("images/img1.jpg", "images/img2.jpg", "images/img3.jpg");

Add the image slider constructor

function Slider(array, location, interval, fade) {
	var imageCount = array.length,
	counter = 1;
	if (!$.isArray(array)){
		throw new Error ('Thats not an array');
	} else if (array.length <= 0) {
		throw new Error ('Array must have content');
	} else {
		$(location).attr('src', array[0]);
			setInterval(function() {
				$(location).fadeOut(fade, function() {
				$(this).attr('src', array[counter]).fadeIn(fade);
				counter = counter == imageCount - 1 ? 0 : counter += 1;
		}, interval);

Instantiate the constructor passing in the image array, img class name, interval and fade

var nameYourSlider = new Slider(imageArray, '.slider-images', 2500, 500);