An R wrapper to the APIs
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This package provides an R wrapper to the APIs.

For more information on the these APIs see

Late update: 2011-03-22


Drew Conway


To install this package from a CRAN repository run the following command from the R console:

> install.packages("infochimps", dependencies=TRUE)

To install this package from the source code available here, download it, and set your Working Directory to wherever you save the tarred file. Then run:

> install.packages("infochimps_0.3.tar.gz", repos=NULL, type="source")

Or, to install binaries see the official CRAN listing:


Note to those updating from 0.2.2:This version includes new function for some, but not all, of the latests APIs available on Infochimps.

  • 60,000+ Documented UFO Sightings With Text Descriptions And Metadata
  • Global Place Names Autocomplete: GeoNames
  • TwPeopleSearch
  • Wikipedia Articles Abstract Search
  • Twitter Screen Name Autocomplete
  • Yahoo Stock Search
  • Word Frequencies From the British National Corpus

I will be slowly adding others, or if there are any requests for certain APIs.

Note to those updating from 0.1.2: In this and previous versions, users were required to pass a "session" argument to each function. This has been removed, and replaced by the use of an R environment variable to store API data. Users will still need to use the infochimps() function to store that API key, but will not be required to pass anything about their API key to the functions.

Copyright (c) 2010, under the Simplified BSD License. For more information on FreeBSD see: All rights reserved.