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# coding=utf8
# Install with
# ln -sf ../../ .git/hooks/pre-commit
# or (if submodule)
# ln -sf ../../../../[path from root of repo]/ [path to root .git]/modules/NAME/hooks/pre-commit
PROJECT_NAME = "CoreDataHelp"
WORKSPACE_NAME = "CDHWorkspace_with_parent_DCAKit.xcworkspace"
TEST_SCHEME = "CoreDataHelpTests-commithook"
BUILD_SCHEME = "CoreDataHelp-commithook"
TEST_SUITE_NAME = "CoreDataHelpTests"
#no config below - paste over me
#version history
# v0.1 - submodule support
# v0.2 - improved test output regex
# v0.3 - better git_index_file workaround
# v0.4 - support custom flags
def getSO(cmd):
import subprocess
print "run",cmd
proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
output,stderr = proc.communicate()
proc.wait() # this might hang with a LOT of output
return (proc.returncode, output)
def getO(cmd):
import subprocess
print "run",cmd
return subprocess.check_output(cmd, shell=True)
def fail(subtitle, detail=""):
getO("""develop-environment/ -group "{PROJECT_NAME}" -title "⛔ {PROJECT_NAME} commit failed " -subtitle "{SUBTITLE}" -message "{MESSAGE}" -activate "" """.format(PROJECT_NAME=PROJECT_NAME, SUBTITLE=subtitle, MESSAGE=detail))
print subtitle
print detail
raise Exception("See previous errors")
def success():
getO("""develop-environment/ -group "{PROJECT_NAME}" -title "Commit succeeded {PROJECT_NAME}" -subtitle "{SUBTITLE}" -message "{MESSAGE}" -activate "" """.format(PROJECT_NAME=PROJECT_NAME, SUBTITLE="", MESSAGE="😃"))
#remove any old notification
getO("""develop-environment/ -remove "{PROJECT_NAME}" """.format(PROJECT_NAME=PROJECT_NAME))
print "Submodules check..."
o = getO("""git submodule status""")
for moduledescriptor in o.split("\n"):
moduledescriptor = moduledescriptor.strip()
if len(moduledescriptor)==0: continue
sha = moduledescriptor.split(" ")[0]
path = moduledescriptor.split(" ")[1]
#verify clean status
#we must unset GIT_INDEX_FILE since it is set by the commit hook and it interferes with our ability to get anything done
import os
if os.environ.has_key("GIT_INDEX_FILE"):
del os.environ["GIT_INDEX_FILE"]
o = getO("""cd {PATH} && git status --porcelain""".format(PATH=path))
if (o!=""):
fail("Submodule {PATH} has non-clean status {STATUS}".format(PATH=path,STATUS=o))
sha = sha.strip("+") #this is used iff the submodule's actual HEAD is newer than what the parent repo's pointer is, which is almost always true in our workflow
#determine if the submodule's commits are out there anywhere
o = getO("cd {PATH} && git fetch && git branch -r --contains {SHA}".format(PATH=path,SHA=sha))
if not "origin" in o:
fail("{PATH} needs push".format(PATH=path),detail="Can't find ref {SHA} in remote".format(SHA=sha))
print "Forgetting to check in files check..."
requireArray = [".m",".h"]
for ext in requireArray:
(s, o) = getSO("""git status --porcelain | grep "??.*$""" + ext + '"')
if s != 1:
print "You have untracked files with extension", ext
print "Commit these files, or add them to .gitgnore:"
print o.replace("?? ", "")
fail(subtitle="Untracked files", detail=o.replace("?? ", ""))
print "build/analyze/warning check"
(code,output) = getSO("xcodebuild -configuration Release -sdk iphonesimulator -workspace {WORKSPACE_NAME} -IDEBuildOperationMaxNumberOfConcurrentCompile=1 -scheme {SCHEME_NAME} RUN_CLANG_STATIC_ANALYZER=YES {CUSTOM_FLAGS} clean build ".format(SCHEME_NAME=BUILD_SCHEME,WORKSPACE_NAME=WORKSPACE_NAME,CUSTOM_FLAGS=BUILD_CUSTOMFLAGS))
if code != 0:
print output
fail("Build failed","Return code %d" % code)
import re
if not"\*\* BUILD SUCCEEDED \*\*",output):
print output
fail("Build did not succeed","Can't find text ** BUILD SUCCEEDED ** in output. Can you?")
warnings = re.findall(r".*:\d+:\d+: warning.*(?=\n)",output)
if len(warnings) != 0:
print output
print "\n".join(warnings)
fail("You have warnings",warnings[0])
print "unit test check"
#run the unit tests
(code,output) = getSO("xcodebuild -sdk iphonesimulator -configuration UnitTest -workspace {WORKSPACE_NAME} -scheme {SCHEME_NAME} RUN_UNIT_TEST_WITH_IOS_SIM=YES {CUSTOM_FLAGS} clean build".format(SCHEME_NAME=TEST_SCHEME,WORKSPACE_NAME=WORKSPACE_NAME,CUSTOM_FLAGS=TEST_CUSTOMFLAGS))
if code != 0:
print output
fail("Build failed","Return code %d" % code)
if not"\*\* BUILD SUCCEEDED \*\*",output):
print output
fail("Build did not succeed","Can't find text ** BUILD SUCCEEDED ** in output. Can you?")
regex1 = r"Test Suite '.*"+TEST_SUITE_NAME + r".*' finished at .*\nExecuted .* with (.*) failure"
spolsky_msg =,output)
if not spolsky_msg:
print output
fail("Can't find the end of the app test in your build output","It looks like %s" % regex1)
if not spolsky_msg.groups()[0]=="0":
print output
fail("%s failed %s unit tests" % (PROJECT_NAME,spolsky_msg.groups()[0]))
#getO("""git stash pop""")
if not stashed:
fail("failed to pop")