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* The Cheat - The legendary universal game trainer for Mac OS X.
* Copyright (c) 2003-2011, Charles McGarvey et al.
* Distributable under the terms and conditions of the 2-clause BSD
* license; see the file COPYING for the legal text of the license.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import "ChazLog.h"
// This is my update system. It is extremely simple to use. Just pass the URL
// where the version information can be obtained. The version information will
// be loaded in the background and a dialog will show up presenting the user
// with the results of the check. If userRequested is NO, then the system will
// not do anything if an error occured or if there is no available update.
// Depending on the tags given in the version file, the presented dialog can
// have buttons which link to a "more info" page or a direct download, using the
// default web browser of the system.
// url can either be an NSURL or an NSString containing a valid URL.
void ChazCheckForUpdate( id url, BOOL userRequested ); // uses default app name.
void ChazCheckForUpdateWithName( id url, NSString *appName, BOOL userRequested );
// these return empty strings if they can't be determined.
NSString *ChazAppName(); // returns the name ChazCheckForUpdate() uses.
NSString *ChazAppVersion(); // returns the current version of the app.
NSDate *ChazAppBuildDate(); // returns the build date used to check for updates.