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* The Cheat - The legendary universal game trainer for Mac OS X.
* Copyright (c) 2003-2011, Charles McGarvey et al.
* Distributable under the terms and conditions of the 2-clause BSD
* license; see the file COPYING for the legal text of the license.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import "ChazLog.h"
#import "MySocket.h"
#import "ServerChild.h"
@interface CheatServer : NSObject
MySocket *_socket; // the socket that listens for connections
NSNetService *_netService; // for rendezvous broadcasting
int _port; // port the socket is listening on
NSString *_name; // name the service is being broadcast as
NSMutableArray *_children; // the server spawns
id _delegate;
// initialization
- (id)initWithDelegate:(id)delegate;
// starting and stopping the server
// it will automatically be stopped on dealloc.
// pass nil for name to not broadcast.
- (BOOL)listenOnPort:(int)port broadcast:(NSString *)name;
- (void)stop;
// accessing children
// children are spawned by the server to handle remote sessions.
// they are instances of the ServerChild class.
- (int)childCount;
- (NSArray *)children;
- (void)removeChildAtIndex:(unsigned)index;
// accessors
- (BOOL)isListening;
- (NSString *)host;
- (int)port;
- (NSString *)broadcast;
- (id)delegate;
- (void)setDelegate:(id)delegate;
@interface NSObject ( CheatServerDelegate )
// when the server dies while running... would this ever happen? I doubt it.
- (void)serverDisconnectedUnexpectedly:(CheatServer *)theServer;
// broadcast failed, this is much more likely to happen.
// note that the server will continue running.
- (void)server:(CheatServer *)theServer failedToBroadcastName:(NSString *)theName;
// a connection was made or lost with the server...
- (void)serverChildrenChanged:(CheatServer *)theServer;