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Hello cheaters,
This is the epic universal game trainer for Mac OS X. It lets you search
and replace variables in other running processes. With practice, you can
use this software to make interesting things happen in games and other
This source code is licensed under the terms and conditions of the 2-clause
BSD license. See the file COPYING for the legal text.
The Cheat is now maintained only by people like you, who make changes and
decide to share a patch here or there. I maintain the source repository
for this purpose, but I no longer have a Mac and have not been able to make
any code changes myself for many years. If you want to share your changes
with the rest of the world, the following methods are acceptable:
- If you use git, tell me where to pull from.
- If not, just send your patches via email attachment.
- You can always just fork it.
Refer to the project page <>
for the contact information of the maintainer.
Charles McGarvey