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Commits on Feb 22, 2005
  1. @chazmcgarvey

    The Cheat 1.2

    chazmcgarvey authored
    Bug Fixes:
    - Double variables now work.
    - 64-bit variables now work.
    - Program list problems fixed.
    New Features:
    - Unknown-value searching.
    - Search operator support.
    - Variable values are now displayed.
    - Automatic value-updating.
    - Variable addresses can be edited.
    - Memory can be dumped to a file.
    - Signed/unsigned integers.
    - Can change the window title.
    - Cheats can now be saved to file.
    Other Changes:
    - Improved interface.
    - Cheat server can run without broadcasting.
    - Pausing is now more stable.
    - Comprehensive help system included.
    - Search speed improved for narrowing down results.
    - More reliable update checker.
    - Much better Rendezvous support.
    - New icon.
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