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Making note paper

Instructions are for Linux and my particular printer, but should be reasonably adaptable to whatever OS and printer combination you have.

Printing the PDF

Load the pdf in evince, and print. For Page Setup, if junior sized paper, chose two-sided Short Edge (Flip), otherwise Long Edge (Standard). For junior sized paper, pick landscape orientation, and for paper size, choose Letter borderless.

Generating the PDF from the script

Run the python notepaper.py script, redirecting to notepaper.py.

python notepaper.py > notepaper.html

Load the notepaper.html in Chrome or Chromium. Print the page to PDF, for the junior sized paper, print in landscape. Paper size should be letter and margins should be set to none. You may have to choose specific pages to print as sometimes there's a first or last blank page. Then save.

Use pdftk to duplicate the page into a two sided notepaper pdf.

pdftk notepaper.pdf notepaper.pdf cat output notepaper-2sided.pdf