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A bundle for Sublime Text that provides syntax coloring and snippets for Cucumber and its Gherkin language.

Work with both ST2 and ST3. For ST3, see the st3 branch.

Installation: ST2

Automatic - via Package Control

Search for cucumber sublime bundle


cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 2/Packages
git clone git:// Cucumber


cd ~/.config/sublime-text-2/Packages
git clone git:// Cucumber


cd Users/<user>/AppData/Roaming/Sublime\ Text\ 2/Packages/
git clone git:// Cucumber

Restart Sublime Text.

Table Cleaner

Aligns and cleans the tables for a prettier output. Useful for programming languages like Cucumber or LaTex.


Table Cleaner Before


Table Cleaner After


Select the table you want to clean, and press alt + ; and the table gets cleaned instantly.


These settings can be found in Base File.sublime-settings

  • table_cleaner_delimiters - Delimiters between two cells of the table - default: ["|", "&", "\\"]
  • table_cleaner_align_to_middle - Align the text of each cell to middle (if set to false, the text will be alligned to left) - default: false
  • table_cleaner_delimiters_white_spaces - The number of whitespaces between the text of a cell and the delimiters - default: 1

Gherkin Auto-complete

Shows all existing gherkin phrases within features in folder hierarchy.

Gherkin autocompletion

sublime-gherkin-auto-complete and cucumber-sublime-bundle plugins are mutually exclusive, so if you have sublime-gherkin-auto-complete installed and want to install cucumber-sublime-bundle you have to uninstall sublime-gherkin-auto-complete first.

Gherkin Syntax Highlighting

Do this to activate : open a .feature file and do "view -> syntax -> open all with current extension as -> Cucumber -> Gherkin"


Created by the Github user @sagework, who pulled his/her repo from

The Table Cleaner plug-in has been kindly contributed by @amisarca. If you'd like just the plug-in, without the rest of this Cucumber bundle, see his repositories:

The Gherkin auto-complete plug-in has been kindly contributed by @AndyHitchman. If you'd like just the plug-in, without the rest of this Cucumber bundle, see his repository.

I host this project at for those who use Sublime Package Control.