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Magento module that provides new layout handles for empty search results page, basket page and category pages
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Magento Empty Handles - Dh_EmptyHandles

Module Overview

The empty handles module creates new layout handles for 3 pages in Magento - allowing full control over their layout based on their emptiness:

  • Category Pages - (empty if there are no products)
  • Search Results Page - (empty if there are no search results)
  • Shopping Cart Page - (empty if there are no items in the shopping cart)


The layout handles for the above pages have been created and a skeleton for each can be found here:

  • app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/emptyhandles.xml

Enabling / Disabling

Once installed, the module can be enabled and disabled under the design section in system configuration


Please send me any feedback - good or bad - to


Licensed under CC-BY 3.0


1.0.0 - Initial Commit

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