Gravatar bundle for the Laravel framework.
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Gravatar for Laravel

A simple bundle to create Gravatar links and images.


Drop the Gravatar bundle into your /bundles directory and register it in your application/bundles.php file. Optionally you can change the defaults in the config/gravatar.php file.

You could optionally just drop the gravatar.php and config file into your Laravel /application/libraries folder and have it load as needed.

Generate a Gravatar

echo Gravatar::get( '' );

echo Gravatar::get_image( '' );
  // <img src="" alt="">

Generate a Secure Gravatar

You can create URLs and IMG tags with Gravatars secure URL.

Gravatar::get_secure( '' );

Gravatar::get_secure_image( '' );


See the config/gravatar.php file for full descriptions of config options.

Also see the gravatar.php file for additional arguments you can pass on a function call.


Thanks to Phill Sparks for implementation ideas, and Michael Owens who created the original.