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This is a simple demo app that illustrates a sample usage of yokozuna as a search engine with Ruby Sinatra

Here is a blog post that I've written to go along with this demo application: Robust Search with Sinatra, Riak, and Yokozuna


You must have a yokozuna Riak instance running. I advise making a backup of the data directory after installation and wiping data like so between tests from the riak bin directory:

./riak stop ; rm -rf ../data ; cp -R ../data.bak ../data ; ./riak start

Update: Yokozuna is now in the main Riak repository, but I haven't tested it out from there yet: Riak Develop Branch



git clone

Install dependencies

cd riak-search-demo
bundle install

Setup the index and seed the user data

ruby setup_search.rb

##Run the server

ruby server.rb

##Test it out

Simple term query

curl http://localhost:4567/user/query/name_t/*Drew*


curl http://localhost:4567/user/query/title_t/*Engineer*?rows=10&start=0

Range query

curl http://localhost:4567/user/query/*/*?from=1994-01-01T01:01:01Z&to=2018-12-13T23:59:59Z