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What are Cartunes?
Cartunes are web-based cartoon music videos that kids can create and share with their freinds.
What's So cool about them?
They allow kids to be creative on the computer. This is more than just playing a video game. Its creating.
Kids can also share their creations with others through facebook and other social networks.
Do they have to install anything?
No The core technology used is HTML5 so it runs inside the browser!
How easy is it to create?
Very easy. They just pick a song, choose a cartoon character. and make them move to the song. They can playback what they did
and also make changes
Wont that get old?
With plugins, kids and developers can extend what Cartunes can to, making all sorts of new creative ideas
Who will benefit?
Kids will have a lot of fun with this. Advertisers can also advertise using cartunes themselves.
Musicians will also benefit by using it as another way to distribute their music
What about mobile? Mobile is the future.
There will be a mobile version available as well
It will target the iPhone/iPad and Android phones, tablets.
It will leverage the music from the device
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