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Based on the project

These are the files required to run coffeescript files as a cgi script

So files ending in .cs will be ran, kind of like your used to with .php files cgi.js was taken from

Also has support for express.

  1. Install
  2. Install npm
  3. Install express (optional)
  4. Update your apaches http.conf or your directory's .htaccess file to include content similar to the example.htaccess file from this repository
  5. See index.cs as an example of running a simple coffeescript cgi script or see
  6. See express-example.cs as an example of an express framework cgi script or see

Why this project?

Because sometimes you just want one file to do one thing without running a whole new server

Because you already have apache running on your server and you want to easily try out node.js.

Why not this project?

You want to run an actual node.js server. (If you have a server already running apache on port 80 see this post for how to get a node.js server running as well