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class Controller
constructor: () ->
@view = new View(this)
@tip = new Tip()
window.tip = @tip
@tip.setNumberOfPeople 5
@view.render @tip
@handle_numberOfPeople @tip.numberOfPeople
handleChange: (field, val) ->
#handles a change in the view
this["handle_" + field](val)
handle_numberOfPeople: (numb) ->
if @tip.setNumberOfPeople numb
handle_tax: (tax) ->
@tip.setTax tax
handle_cost: (cost) ->
@tip.setCost cost
@view.renderGuests tip
handle_rate: (rate) ->
@tip.setRate rate
@view.renderGuests tip
handleGuestChange: (id, field, val) ->
@tip.guests[id][field] = val
if field is "percent"
if _.s(val, -1, 1) is "%"
val = _.s(val, 0, -1) - 0
@view.renderPersonTotal @tip, id
window.Controller = Controller
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