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A digital metrics dashboard for Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh and its museums
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Digital Metrics Dashboard


A description about the project in detail can be found here

The gist of the project is that we wanted to create an easy to use way to display Google Analytics data along with social media and admission data.


This project is a single page website designed to run off of a LAMP (or LEMP) server.


  • App - This is the folder where the "code behind" lives, it pulls and formats all the data that goes into making the dashboard.
    • config.sample - Sample configuration files, rename folder to config to use and to keep these details secret
    • cron - Cron job files. These will have to be manually setup to run at whatever frequency you wish.
    • utils - Utility files which are used to preform actions like calling APIs, Caching, or running SQL queries.
  • Resources - static files: CSS, JS, Img, etc...
  • index.php - The website.
  • load.php - This is loaded by index.php it essentially is a javascript file that loads all of the data dynamically. It is only in a different file to sperate out th Javascript portion from the HTML of index.php

Future Features

  • Disabled Selectors - Grey out selections which do not have any data associated with them. For example, Warhol does not have an Instagram account so Instagram should always be greyed out.

  • Data export - The abillity to export data into a CSV file or similar

  • Percent change - show percent change on social badges.

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