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Oakland Web guide


This a the web version of the Oakland Guide application. The other parts of this application are a CMS (github) and iOS application (github). It's purpose is to have a device non-specific way to view the content of the iOS application.


Due to this being a website it will not have access to the iBeacon stack of the native iOS application and can therefore not give location-aware notifications. Other than that it should be a very similar experience.


  1. This is a Django Framework application. start by installing Django 1.9.5 and it's requirements
  2. Install Nginx
  3. Install Postgres
  4. Pull this repo to a location on the server you want to serve this application from.
  5. Install the other requirements by using pip install -r requirements.txt (you can also view requirements.txt to see what pythong packages it uses)
  6. Configure the application to your setup (see below)
  7. Copy the nginx file to the sites-avalible folder and link it to the sites-enabled (if you are using the default nginx site this file will need to be modified)
  8. Start up the gunicorn server using sudo ./ and you should be running.


There are several places that have configurations

  • guideapp/ - with the database configuration and a secret key for Django to use. This is ignored by git for obvious reasons so I've included an example @
  • guideapp/ - API settings at the bottom point to locations dependent on the CMS location
  • nginx - nginx config file, make sure all filepaths in that file go to where you put this application
  • .sh scripts - both scripts have filepaths to the application
  • crontab - Use crontab -e to make run periodically to update from the CMS
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