A tool to help users manage the files on their Slack teams
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Slack Deletron

This tool allows you to delete your extra Slack files from your team account.

It's built with Express and Passport on the server side, and React and Redux on the client side.


To contribute, fork the repo and then complete the following steps to get up and running.

  1. Sign up for the Slack Web API at https://api.slack.com/web and get yourself a Client ID and a Client Secret. In the 'Redirect URI(s)' field, put http://localhost:3000/auth/slack/callback

  2. Create a .env file in the root of the project and add the following details

  3. Install dependencies

    npm install
  4. In two separate terminals, run the following commands respectively

    nodemon server.js

    or...in one terminal window, run

    npm start