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Epicbot is a slack bot written in PureScript. It allows you to search for cards from the Epic Card Game and display the results in your slack channel.

To search for a card, simply type some or all of its name. Epicbot will perform a full text search to find the correct card.

/epic <search term>

You can also generate an example random dark draft draw using the draft command.

/epic draft


Install Dependencies

npm install .

Create a Self-Contained JavaScript Bundle

npm run bundle

Running this command results in the file dist/bundle/index.js being created. It includes all dependencies required for running the slack bot and can be run directly with node. You'll need to provide your Slack signing secret as an environment variable.

SLACK_SIGNING_SECRET=<your slack signing secret> node dist/bundle/index.js

Once you have your bot running, you'll want to follow the guide for creating a slash command to use the bot. We recommend using /epic as your slash command.


Install Tool Chain

npm install -g purescript spago
npm install .


spago test


spago run


npm run format:check
npm run format


npm run lint

Run All CI Checks

npm run ci