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module Epicbot.Scraper
( scrape
) where
import Prelude
import Effect.Aff (Aff)
import Epicbot.Card (Card)
import Epicbot.Http as Http
import Epicbot.Html.Parser as Parser
import Epicbot.OnlineStatus (OnlineStatus(..))
import Milkis as Milkis
import Node.Encoding (Encoding(UTF8))
import Node.FS.Aff as FS
testDocPath :: String
testDocPath = "./data/card-gallery.html"
prodUrl :: Milkis.URL
prodUrl = Milkis.URL ""
getPage :: OnlineStatus -> Aff String
getPage Offline = FS.readTextFile UTF8 testDocPath
getPage Online = Milkis.text =<< Http.get prodUrl
scrape :: OnlineStatus -> Aff (Array Card)
scrape onlineStatus = Parser.parseCards <$> getPage onlineStatus