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Blockstack is an open-source game combining real colored blocks, a webcam, and a virtual 3d scene. Players of the game are in a race to arrange the real-life blocks to match the tower configuration shown on the virtual blocks. The computer watches the real blocks and figures out the moment the player has made the correct tower. The game score is a function of how many towers the player can match within a fixed time.

The software uses Panda3d, opengl, gstreamer (camera pipeline), v4l2 (camera controls), opencv (colorspace), numpy (image analysis), and goocanvas (debugging diagram).


ubuntu packages

  • ttf-aenigma

  • ttf-ubuntu-font-family

  • python-twisted-core

  • python-pygoocanvas

  • python-gtk2

  • python-numpy

  • panda3d1.8 (add to /etc/apt/sources.list 'deb oneiric main')


bin/python blockstack --sound --colors yellow green blue

easy_install vs ppython

If ppython has sys.version like '2.7.2+ ...', you might get this failure:

File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/zc/buildout/", line 191, in _get_version
version = re.match('(\d[.]\d)([.].*\d)?$', version).group(1)

A workaround is to hack that line to look like this:

version = re.match('(\d[.]\d)([.].*[\d\+])?$', version).group(1)

Question.wav is converted from this sound set: KDE Sound theme "Borealis" Version 0.8 (09/01/2004)

by Ivica Ico Bukvic (SlipStreamScapes)
ico at fuse net

The sound package is provided under the Artistic License with minor additions to it. See below for more info. That being said, if someone wants to merge it with the vanilla KDE project
I am completely fine with that and if that will require a license change I would be willing to make appropriate changes to the license.

The only additional clause to this license is as follows:

You may not use these sounds in any non GPL-ed or LGPL-ed software/OS for profit-making purposes. In other words, you may freely distribute it and use it for personal needs however you
wish (even in Windows or MacOS), but any commercial endeavors are allowed only if they are associated solely with the GPL-ed and LGPL-ed software which also includes software that exi
sts as both GPL/LGPL and commercial version, i.e. Trolltech's Qt.

new opencv:



numpy hsv convertors: (bug in numpy.choose line)

dldn music from

todo: lightning between the live+opengl matching blocks more auto calibration more game: react better to fast players, let them build chains of fast matches synth the entering sound according to the exact block layout