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web service that feeds mpd with streaming music from pandora. The only time it controls the mpd transport is when you change stations.


  • Have pithos installed, and run it to setup your pandora account. This service reads the pithos config file (.config/pithos.ini).

  • easy_install python-mpd-twisted

  • easy_install cyclone


python --mpd localhost:6600 --port 9999
curl http://localhost:9999/stations/
curl -XPUT http://localhost:9999/currentStation -d '{ of the station representations.. }'
curl http://localhost:9999/currentSong
curl -XDELETE http://localhost:9999/currentStation

Effect on playlist

This service tries to cooperate with other mpd playlist management you might do. It appends its songs to the end of the list, and it aborts if it sees a non-pandora song at the end. This means you can be playing a local song and then have the next one be a pandora song, or you can be playing a pandora and transition back to local songs. How many pandora songs will be at the end of your playlist:

0: if you haven't set a currentStation, or after you delete currentStation
1: only very briefly
2: during normal playback (so you can skip the current song)

Internal state

This service stores in memory the current station choice and a buffer of the upcoming pandora song picks. For robustness, it uses your live mpd playlist to determine what pandora songs are at the end of the playlist.

Resources (but it's REST, so you only have to know how to find the root one)

  current status and links to /stations and /currentStation

GET /stations/
  List of stations with links

GET /stations/<id>/
  Description of a station. For clarity, you can append a dash and
  more letters to the id and they will be ignored. E.g. /stations/123/
  can be accessed as /stations/123-favoriteSongs/
PUT /currentStation
  Body is a station representation you got previously.
  Make this station be the one we're feeding to mpd. If this is a new
  station than the last one you requested (including if
  mpdpandorafeeder restarts and forgets the last one you requestd),
  all pandora songs at the end of your mpd playlist will be cleared,
  and we'll tell mpd to play the first new one we add. (If there was
  an option to disable some of this behavior, you would be able to
  change-station-after-the-current-song which might be cool.)

GET /currentStation
  Station representation that you PUT before, and a link to /currentSong.

DELETE /currentStation

  Stop feeding this station to mpd. This immediately removes the
  upcoming songs, but doesn't stop playback or remove the playing
  song. This puts you in a good position to add a local song after the
  currently-playing pandora song.

GET /currentSong

  This returns mpd information about the current song (pandora or
  not), augmented with pandora details if the song is on there because
  of the current station. Notable attributes:

    {song: {mpd: {...}
            pandora: {"album": "...", "albumDetailURL": "http://...",
                      "artRadio": "http://...jpg", "artist": "...",
                      "title": "...", "songDetailURL": "http://...",
                      "fileGain": "-1.3", ...}


There are bugs in the reconnect piece

See also

An Android client by Don Hatchett: