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(ns esperanto.lucene
(:use [ :only [file]])
(:import ( StringReader)
(org.apache.lucene.analysis SimpleAnalyzer)
(org.apache.lucene.analysis.standard StandardAnalyzer)
(org.apache.lucene.analysis.tokenattributes TermAttribute)
(org.apache.lucene.document Document Field
Field$Store Field$Index)
(org.apache.lucene.index IndexWriter IndexWriter$MaxFieldLength
(org.apache.lucene.queryParser QueryParser)
( IndexSearcher)
( FSDirectory)
(org.apache.lucene.util Version)))
(defn index [writer fields]
(let [doc (Document.)]
(doseq [field fields]
(.add doc field))
(.addDocument writer doc)))
(defn analyze [analyzer s]
(let [stream (.tokenStream analyzer "field" (StringReader. s))
term (.addAttribute stream TermAttribute)]
(loop [st stream v (transient [])]
(if (.incrementToken st)
(recur st (conj! v (.term term)))
(persistent! v)))))
(defn token-seq
(token-seq (StandardAnalyzer. Version/LUCENE_CURRENT) rdr))
([analyzer rdr]
(let [stream (.tokenStream analyzer "field" rdr)
term (.addAttribute stream TermAttribute)
step (fn step [st v]
(when (.incrementToken st)
(cons (.term term) (step st v)))))]
(step stream []))))
(defn explain [dir query analyzer version]
(let [parser (QueryParser. version "text" analyzer)
query (.parse parser query)
_ (println query)
searcher (IndexSearcher. dir)
docs (.search searcher query 10)]
(doseq [match (.scoreDocs docs)]
(let [doc (.doc searcher (.doc match))]
(println (map #(let [b (.getBinaryValue %)]
(if (pos? (count b)) (String. b)))
(.getFields doc)))
(-> (.explain searcher query (.doc match)) str println)))
(.close searcher)))
(defn explain-fs [dir query]
(let [dir (-> (file dir) FSDirectory/open)]
(explain dir query (SimpleAnalyzer.) Version/LUCENE_CURRENT)
(.close dir)))
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