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Clojure client for FleetDB
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A Clojure client library for FleetDB.


First, download and start FleetDB as described in the FleetDB getting started guide.

If you want to incorporate this client into a project managed by Maven or Leiningen, you can find the necessary Maven artifact information on the client's Clojars project page.

If you just want to get started right away with at the REPL:

$ wget
$ java -cp fleetdb-client-standalone.jar clojure.contrib.repl_ln


Using the library is simple:

(use 'fleetdb.client)
(def client (connect))

(query client ["ping"])
=> "pong"

(query client ["select" "accounts" {"where" ["=" "id" 2]}])
=> [{"id" 2 "owner" "Alice" "credits" 150}]

Keywords can be used in queries, as they are converted to strings before being sent to the server:

(query client [:select :accounts {:where [:= :id 2]}])
=> [{"id" 2 "owner" "Alice" "credits" 150}]

The client can also be used as a function that executes the given query:

(client [:ping])

The client will raise an exception in the case of an error:

(client ["bogus"])
java.lang.Exception: Malformed query: unrecognized query type '"bogus"'

You can optionally specify a host and port other than the default "" and 3400:

(def client (connect {:host "" :port 3401}))


Copyright 2009 Mark McGranaghan and released under an MIT license.

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